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Zen and the Art of Tooth Restoration.

"Now I have completed my MSc, I hope this will become a regular blog on the Albert Place Dental Referral Centre and Moody Terrace Dental Practice websites, allowing me to share my knowledge and experience of restorative dentistry, and particularly my passion for minimally invasive adhesive dentistry."

Because I am a “Grumpy Old Man”, there may be times when I digress to rant about some of my pet hates (injustice, complacency in the face of lost liberty, speed cameras, reality TV and a whole host of random and unrelated issues) or to wonder at the marvels of the universe (light from the furthest observable objects has been travelling for over 13 billion years to get here!), quantum physics (I don’t understand it but its fascinatingly weird isn’t it!) and the joys of bike riding and sailing.

I will also talk about composite resin quite a lot and, because I’m an ordinary general dental practitioner with a special interest in advanced restorative work, I shall be talking in very practical terms about how I solve problems on a daily basis. I’m 51 years old and I saw my first patient as a student when I was 19 (!) so I have a great deal of experience working in NHS and private practices. I have been privileged to learn from and work alongside some truly excellent dentists and I shall be trying to be a generous as possible with my accumulated knowledge.



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