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Deep Marginal Elevation

Deep marginal elevation is one of the ”buzz” phrases around dentistry at the moment. I believe the term was first used by the great Pascal Magne (an inspirational exponent of adhesive dentistry.)

Talkin' 'bout my Generation!

Nick Daily-Hunt writes: When I was a boy we had generations of bonding agents. I used a 4th Generation system (etch, rinse and combined prime+bond) for 20 years, and it worked really well. And it still does! Now there are so many generations that we are supposed to simplify things to “Etch and Rinse” and “Self Etch”. However, it is not simple. There are dozens of products on the market and it’s important to understand some of the principle of dentine (and enamel) bonding to allow really reliable bonds to be made.

In Praise of the V3 Matrix System

Nick Daily-Hunt writes:

I have no link to Triodent who make the V3 matrix that I have been using recently, but when something works really well and is easy to use, then I reckon it deserves a mention.

For some time now, it has been known that one of the tricky parts of…

Brace Yourself

Your Perfect Smile Is On It's Way

6% Chance to saving a life and we were closed

That’s all you get according to the statistics when performing manual CPR on a victim of cardiac arrest. Not great I hear you say, but how often does someone have a cardiac arrest at the dentist anyway?

What is a Dental Implant?

Whilst the team at Albert Place will do whatever is reasonably possible to save a natural tooth, on occasions, extraction is the only viable option. Until recently, when a tooth was lost, it could only be replaced by a false tooth supported by the teeth adjacent (a bridge) or on a plate (a denture). Although these solutions are still used extensively, they have limitations and compromises.

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